Raoul Francis

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Automation, troubleshooting, machinery renovation

We have extensive experience in the field of automation for
special machines (machines for bending rebar for concrete, material for cable, etc ...).
The basis for this is to use automation components
standard, which ensures the continuity of the work.
Electrical components are largely from companies
Schneider, Wago, Traco Power, etc..
the computer part is based from industrial PC or microcontroller.

Retrofit of machines or installations.
The old machines can retrieve all their effectiveness
by adequate renewal.
From experience, we know that the price of a complete renovation is
of the order of 10 to 60% of the price of the new machine.
Our job is to study and perform the renovation
In the design phase, we will discuss with you any improvements
that you would like to see made ​​to increase the capacity of the machine.

we can find faults, eliminate,
and in case of frequent breakdowns, we will try to find solutions with you.

We can do for you small sites like this one,
which can be multilingual,automatically adapt the language based on location,
include databases,
and any other application.

Management workshops,
production labels,
communication with machines for:
  - Sending the information to the machines of production,
  - Retrieve from the machines working time, quantities produced, which operators are on machines, etc. ...

A variety of activities:
We were faced with a variety of applications, such as those shown on the main page:
- Movement of shoe factory from France to China
- Study of a mobile ice rink, where we have a particular experience :-)
- All other requests will be dealt carefully.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will search all the solutions to your demands.